Jessica and Elroy // Engaged!

Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_001 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_002 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_003 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_004 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_005 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_006 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_007 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_008 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_009 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_010 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_011 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_012  Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_014 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_015 Duluth_Engagement_session_PhotogenInc_016 Jessica is a woman who is a big part of our wedding community here in Minneapolis. She works for two of my favorite vendors - Munster Rose and Bash Collective. Needless to say, this girl knows what she wants when it comes to her wedding and I am so excited to be their photographer. I met Jessica and her fiance, Elroy, as a couple last winter. I had always heard her talking about him, but it was SO great to see them 1) out of work mode and 2) together. They are the best couple. Quirky, Fun, and so excited to be building their life with one another. We all headed up to the north shore for their engagement session, since it was here that Elroy proposed. This is a special place for this couple and I'm always up for a road trip!

Congratulations to Jessica and Elroy on their engagement!