Ellie and John // Engaged!

Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0001 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0002 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0003 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0004 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0005 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0006 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0007 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0008 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0009 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0010 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0011 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0012 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0013 Northern_Minnesota_Engagement_Session_PhotogenInc_0014 This fall. It has truly been one of the most lovely seasons that I can remember and the colors have stuck around for much longer than expected, which has been such a treat. For Ellie and John's engagement session, we spent some time around the area that Ellie grew up in and it was STUNNING. There were walking paths that were so enchanting, covered bridges and a perfectly breezy lake. This couple is so great. I first met them when they were guests at one of our favorite weddings 2 years ago. After John proposed, I was lucky enough to be asked to photograph their wedding and I couldn't be more excited! Congratulations to Ellie and John!