Jackie and Derek // Engaged!

claypoolblog0001claypoolblog0002 claypoolblog0003 claypoolblog0004 claypoolblog0005 claypoolblog0006 claypoolblog0007 claypoolblog0008 claypoolblog0009 claypoolblog0010 claypoolblog0011 claypoolblog0012 claypoolblog0013 claypoolblog0014  claypoolblog0016 claypoolblog0017 Jackie and Derek are simply the sweetest. This is a couple who is incredibly driven and they are also super dedicated to their dreams. What is really great about these two is that, despite how busy they are, the moments they have together are so special! I'm so happy to know these two and to photograph their upcoming wedding! Congratulations to Jackie and Derek on their engagement!